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bullet My Little Pony Prints - Characters and Coloring Projects for Children

My little pony offers many gorgeous categories under there print section. The creative side of children gets ignited by the resourceful items listed under the category.

Firstly the my little pony prints offers coloring pages wherein the child can teach himself and do more arts and crafts movement at the learning haven. Visiting this site you can see tons of articles and resourceful willingness to teach intelligent arts and crafts.

Second of the wish list of My little pony print is fabulous my little pony fabric. This is a brand new fabric made specially for the needs of the kids and teenagers. The fabric is 100% cotton and at affordable price. Imagine adorable My little pony characters playing on a rich lavender backdrop,with names of the characters printed in soft pastel tone. There is a perfect coordination of prints to go with the brand of My little pony. There are endless uses of the fabric like making curtains, sheets, quilting projects, crafts and more. A whole new project can be made with the help of My little pony set of fabric with detailed specifications given for easy implementation.

You can choose from fabric specifications given below all approximately measuring 42 x 46 cm:

The cotton fabric with pony pictures printed on it priced at $5.50.
Train print priced at $4.00.
Baby bear print priced at $4.00.
New animal print priced at $1.80.
New fairy pixie print priced at $4.00