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My little pony has been the hot favorite of all girls since two and a half decades. The Pegasus and unicorn had always aroused their fantasy and found them appealing. The ponies soon gained popularity among little girls and their world revolved round them. The parents found this as the perfect gift for their daughters and the collection is worth having it. The first six ponies first introduced came in the same pose, simple colors and names but the later ponies came with poses of sitting, walking, trotting and rearing. For every possible movement of horse a pony was made and thus the urge to have them with every pose grew in children.

The girls could not resist themselves to have those ponies coming up with new features and irresistible accessories that coordinated well. Even now Girls find it amazing and collecting different types of ponies is not only filled with fun but also it gives them happiness to have the latest collection of them. The pony family extended manifold with the introduction of babies, big brothers, sisters, friends and sea ponies all with the rainbow color hair, and those with twinkle eyes, full- body symbols, fuzzy, scented and some were made to glow in the dark.
Girls collect them and treasure them as valuables. Now there are ponies for every type of girls' right from adult ponies to baby ponies along with their houses where they could dance, play, live and sleep in. the ponies have their wardrobe and friends molly and Megan who are human dolls. Girls consider the ponies as best friend and part and parcel of their life. My little ponies have found a special place in the life of children and they spend most of their time playing with the collection they have.