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My Little pony is adored by many children especially by young girls. Every parent have found that by gifting a My Little Pony Crystal Castle they can bring a smile on the face of their beloved child. And as everybody can agree, the smile of a child is utmost important for every parent. The crystal castle has been specially designed to make it beautiful and look amazing and take the young girls to a different world of imagination.

My little pony crystal castle is the real fun experience for pony fans and this pink and purple castle has in stored many surprises for the young ones. The beautiful crystal castle situated in the mountains where there is the source of all the rainbows in Polyville. Every room in the castle is full of magic and beautiful colors. When you reach the top you will see rainbows shooting in the sky and soar across the horizon. Move the magic wand over the castle door and see for your surprise the doors open and the castle grow to three storeys. The ponies in the castle can dance with the sliding of the lever. The ponies can go back to the second floor bedroom or even to the third floor on the terrace to take the glimpse of outside world.
Open the tower and a dining room and a dressing room for your ponies. The crystal magic castle playsets many fun accessories like those of table, dining hutch, umbrella, vanity, punch bowl, ladle, 2 glasses and 3 canisters with removable lids. It also has 2 dishes of ice-cream, 2 spoons, 3 perfume bottles, magic wand and china cabinet. Let your child get enchanted with this crystal castle and spend time with her favorite characters and see them dancing, grooming, dining and sleeping.
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