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There were assortments of ponies with different colors and symbols to identify them. The new set of ponies was distinctly different from those of the previous. The Hasbro industries left no stone unturned to create the complete the life of My Little Ponies with their family and friends. The impact is so great that girls feel themselves to be in the imaginary world of Ponies. This could possibly happen with the variety of ponies created with every pony having something special and unique. The ponies were developed with new theme and certain traditional things were kept as it is.

One such theme is the friends of MY Little Ponies where the toy maker has introduced other characters apart of the ponies. The other characters are three human beings Megan, Danny and molly along with other animals like a spunky baby dragon (Spike), a forgetful magician (moonchik) and his faithful rabbit. Megan and her younger sister have their own ponies and can ride on them. Almost every girl with the collection of pony considers them one of those girls and enjoys the ride on the pony. With my little pony and friends, the young child can roam in the fantasy world. This is n not all, these characters also help in the learning process of the young children.
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