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Children of all ages love to listen to or read stories. Some like the stories based on fairytale while others find pleasure in their favorite cartoon strip while rest dig their head in the books to read about their super hero. From the time My Little Pony were introduced children were enthralled with anything related to My Little Pony. Either the toys, outfits or books, whatever it may be but they entered deep into the heart of young girls. Even a picture of pony can make any child happy such is the influence of My Little Pony.

Buy some story books of My Little Pony and read for your daughter before she goes to bed and let her dream of the wonderful pony land- the Polyville and Friendship Garden, the small colorful ponies and the beautiful rainbow. This can make your daughter's childhood days the most memorable for her. Gift her some bedtime stories of My Little ponies and she will willing read about her favorite ponies.
Buy for her some My Little Pony picture coloring books and make her play with the colors and have fun. There are several books available for children as story books, and coloring books. The books have wonderful and interesting stories of my little ponies that children can read and enjoy. If you feel your daughter loves coloring and drawing then go for my little pony coloring books. Few are the names of some of the books like My little Pony Color And Sticker Book, My Little Pony Story Book Collection, My little Pony Book And Rubber Stamp, My Little Pony Paint With Water Activity Book.
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