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My little pony is the most treasured brand. The maker of this toys the Hasbro Industries have updated the version from time to time and added new features to make it more life like. Seeing the world wide popularity of My Little Pony many animated series, movies and TV serials have been made. All of these are based on the same story line; the ponies live in a dream valley along with their human friends and others. The place is full of goblin, witches and other magical creatures.

These little ponies have won the heart of young girls and they grow up playing with these ponies and have their childhood memories with them. To see these characters moving, speaking and doing things like human beings gives them pleasure that cannot be described in words. But definitely a father or mother can express their love by bringing a DVD of My Little Pony for them.
There are several DVDs available in the market or you can easily get it online. Your child can have the collection of DVDs of all the movies and animated series based on My Little Pony. You can also give her the latest released DVDs to see her favorite pony in the movie. Some of the DVDs like "MY Little Pony- The Complete First Season", "MY Little Pony- The Princess Promenade", "My Little Pony- The Runaway Rainbow", " My little Pony- The Flight To Cloud Castle and Other stories", "My Little Pony -A Very Minty
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