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bullet History of My Little Ponies
Small colored horse figurines having silky brush-able tails and manes collectively known as "My Little Pony" was designed by the renowned and leading makers of toys and games- the Hasbro Industries. My little pony is the registered trademark of The Hasbro Industries and its design patent was filed in August 1981 and received in August 1983. The ornamental design of this toy animal "My little Pony" was originally designed by Bonnie D. Zacherle of Norwood, MA, Charles Muenchinger of Providence, RI, and Steven D. D'Aguanno of Greenville, RI.

The design was completed and was made into vinyl toy with its first mass-production in the year 1982. They were the first version of My Little Pony and had name matching symbols either on their flank, rump, or hips. Their names were Blossom, Bluebell, Butterscotch, cotton candy, Minty and snuzzle. The Little Ponies become the most favorite and treasured toy of girls and referred to as G1 ponies or Generation Ponies collectors. Different types of ponies were introduced with symbols all over the body, twirled tails; some had hair that could change color in the sun and so on. The company produced roughly 692 G1 ponies for a period of ten years from 1982 to 1992.
After the gap of 4 years in 1997 Hasbro came up with new round of little Ponies and these G2 Little Ponies were entirely changed into new images with a new rainbow logo but the symbols were kept the same. The new ponies were smaller, thinner and with more round faces. Unfortunately the production of G2 ponies stopped altogether by Hasbro in US in 1999. But they were again reintroduced in the year June 2003 with complete change in look and more resembling to the originals. The G3 ponies resembled their ancestors to some extent. No doubt the difference was noticeable with the symbol only on one hip and a small heart on the hoof that was nothing but a magnetic logo insert made to activate accessories in playsets. Till date almost 100 G3 toys have been introduced and girls still love to have them.